Offering 40 and 60 grade rebar.

  • #3 – 3/8”
  • #4 – 1/2”
  • #5 – 5/8”
  • #6 – 3/4”
  • #7 – 7/8”

Rebar Tulsa by Security Building Services & Supplies is a cornerstone of excellence in the construction industry within the Tulsa region. With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to quality, Security Building Services & Supplies has established itself as a premier supplier of rebar, serving not only the Tulsa Builders Association but also the wider community of commercial contractors in the area.

At the heart of Security Building Services & Supplies’ offering is their commercial-grade rebar, the fundamental building block for creating durable and safe structures. We understand that the strength and longevity of any construction project depend on the quality of its foundation, and have meticulously curated an extensive inventory of rebar products to cater to a wide spectrum of construction needs. Whether it’s reinforcing a skyscraper, a shopping mall, or a residential complex, Security Building Services & Supplies has the right rebar solution.

What truly sets Security Building Services & Supplies apart is our dedication to quick response service. In the fast-paced construction world, time is of the essence, and delays can be costly. Security Building Services & Supplies recognizes this and has fine-tuned its operations to ensure that rebar deliveries are prompt and precise. Our logistics team works tirelessly to ensure that construction projects stay on schedule, allowing contractors to meet their deadlines with confidence.

Beyond our commitment to excellence and efficiency, Security Building Services & Supplies is deeply rooted in the Tulsa community. Our support for the Tulsa Builders Association and local contractors reflects our genuine investment in the region’s growth and prosperity. We don’t just supply rebar; we build relationships and contribute to the foundation of Tulsa’s development.

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, Security Building Services & Supplies also upholds responsible business practices. We source our rebar materials from environmentally conscious suppliers, demonstrating the commitment to reducing the construction industry’s ecological footprint.

Tulsa Rebar by Security Building Services & Supplies is not just a supplier; we’re a trusted partner in the construction journey. With top-quality rebar, exceptional service, community involvement, and environmental responsibility, we continue to strengthen Tulsa’s foundations, both figuratively and literally.