Steel is one of the most popular metals for industry, building and construction. The manufacturing of the metal started in the country during the industrialization era, and the best quality of steel that is used locally and abroad comes from American plants. However, over the past few decades, there has been a sharp decline in the number of plants within the country despite the fact that we still have vast iron ore reserves. The decline has been due to a number of factors, with one of the most prominent ones being the fact that imported steel is seen as a cheaper solution to the demand. However, there are hidden costs that come with this cheaply supplied construction steel, and here are some of the reasons to ditch it completely.

Quality control

One of the biggest places where the metal is being produced and sold into the country is China. While the country is enterprising and they have the capacity to produce steel that could meet local needs, there is one persistent problem that has plagued their entire manufacturing process; quality control. The problem with their products is that the authorities do not seem to pay much attention to the output and more often than not, they are caught faking test reports. The construction steel that comes in might therefore be weak, and when used for fabrication and construction, it ruins the integrity of the entire building or other structure. When manufacturing is done locally, quality control will not be an issue.

Enriching the local economy

There is a number of ways in which buying American made metal benefits the local economy:

  • When the metal is made and sold within the country, it means local resources are being used to enrich local businesses, which is better for the economy than cases where the steel has to be brought in from abroad.
  • When the market of local steel improves, the people in the ores and the industry in general will get the confidence and the financial resources that they need to scale their production and further improve the quality of their output.
  • The people who work in these local businesses will be earning a livelihood. You will also be creating more jobs for the economy.
  • Goods that are manufactured locally generate revenue for the government. Additionally, when the companies expand, they affect their immediate local economy is a positive way, which benefits the country.

You get better after sales services

Imagine a situation where you brought in a construction shipment from the Far East, only to discover that it has flaws. Think about the process that it would take to make a complaint, have the bad metal take back and replaced if at all it can be replaced. When local steel industries are revived, you can be assured that quality metal will be supplied to you and in case there are issues with the quality of the product, you can always call and do comprehensive follow up. In case of maintenance issues, you have people locally available to resolve them.

There are many benefits that will come from revisiting the local mining sector and reviving it. The country has a history of employing production mechanisms which leave the least carbon footprint on the planet. When people embrace local production, they will also be embracing the incorporation of these mechanisms and keeping the planet green for the coming generations. Therefore, it is a great thing that the government is thinking about putting in place measures which will protect the industry. The latest records indicate that employment in the industry has dropped by more than 40 percent over the past decade, which means that production has halved in volume during that period. While it is true that the local companies are currently not in a position to meet the local demand, with time and the proper incentives and encouragement, they will go back to a place where the country was the largest producer on the globe.

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