The strength and durability of any structure constructed lies in the qualities of the materials used in the process. Wood is one of the materials which are essential in construction. As a construction contractor or the owner of a building, you need to inspect lumber before purchase, just to make sure that it is the right type, dimensions, and quality. There are so many species and cuts of wood that sometimes it can be a little challenging to figure out exactly what your construction needs, but here are some of the factors to look into when picking the right lumber type for construction.

Lumber density

When making a purchase, the first and the most important characteristic to think about should be the density of the wood. The density is determined by the weight and strength of the wood. Thick wood is excellent for making supportive rebar structures of the house while the thinner and less heavy types are great when it comes to woodworking and creating finishing pieces such as the ceiling, the trimmings and others. A different thickness of wood is also used for flooring, which means that there is no single wood density which is considered ideal and that the purpose is what determines whether the wood is the right type for you or not.

Lumber Color

When it comes to the color of wood, always note that there is a difference between red cedar and white pine and this color difference is what helps you give your finished product the little bit of personality which it needs. You can also have a mixture of wood with different colors to create the pattern and feeling that you had in mind for a construction project.

The Lumbar Grade

Lumbar grade depends on the number of defects that the surface of the wood will have in that the more the blemishes, the lower the grade. If you are looking for wood that you can use for construction projects, or combine with rebar for reinforcement, go for the higher grades because they will be more durable than low grade and poorer quality materials.

How to Shop for Lumber

  • When you go to the store to buy lumber, always make sure that you have written down the pieces which you need beforehand. When you go to the shop without writing down what you need, it will be an uphill task to remember everything and you might get confused in the process, buying what you do not need.
  • Next, decide on the type of lumber that you need for the project. For instance, hardwoods are usually idea for flooring and other structural aspects of the house. On the other hand, when you need wood for interior furniture, think about species such as oak, or maple because they are strong enough to withstand repeated work and also durable enough to make pieces which will serve you for long.
  • If you are looking for wood that you can paint on or give other varnishes as a finish, think about medium density wood of MDF.
  • The ideal wood to use for frames, rebar and other types of trimmings and supportive structures is fir or pine because they are both an economical choice and they will do their job as they are supposed to.
  • When looking for wood to handle garden fences and decking, think about cedar or redwood. These are the two varieties which are known to handle the external weather elements really well while being decorative at the same time.

Finally, when shopping, always make sure that the dimensions which you give to the seller are accurate. Small mistakes in specifying the dimensions could lead to losses in time and money as you try to take back the wrong dimensions and get it replaced with what you actually needed for the project. Therefore, always make sure that you have written down the purpose of the lumber that you are going to buy, the colors and the dimensions beforehand and these will save you from making wrong purchases.

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