Termite pretreat is a process of soil treatment prior to constructing a building by use of chemicals. The process is essential in new construction to create treatment barrier which helps in preventing termite attack in the future. Termites mostly live in areas of high moisture concentration and damp areas.

Therefore, if you are planning on new construction in such areas, it is imperative to treat the soil before the construction begins. Treatment of termites before construction stages include many procedures which should be done for a free termite attack during construction and in the future. The soil is treated with insecticide which creates a barrier that prevents the insects from approaching the building.

How to do a Termite Pretreat

Termite pretreat procedure is entirely different from post-treat procedures. It involves the following steps.

  • Step 1: Treat the foundation with anti-termite treatment. The foundation of a new building is treated first because the termites enter through mud tunnels in the foundation. At this step, fill the bottoms and the sides of the foundation with the anti-termite solution.
  • Step 2: Treat the soil on every side of the foundation. In this step, the liquid anti-termite is spread in the ground. The chemical barrier is then formed which will bar the insect battalion from accessing the foundation. This will prevent infestation of termite in the present and the future.
  • Step 3: Treat the base of the floor which intersects the wall with liquid anti-termite
  • Step 4: Treat the soils around where the pipes, tubes, and gutters will be fitted within the foundation. In the step, where there is a point of pipe or tube entry, the soil is loosened and treated.

Compared to termite post-construction termite treatment, termite pretreat is more simple. The procedure, however, must be done by an individual with good skills and experience in pest control.

Benefits of Termite Treating Before Construction

Many benefits come in handy with termite pretreat in new construction. Here are a number of advantages of treating pre-construction zone.

  • a) It is less expensive: during pre-construction period, it is less costly to do treatment for termite infestation than after construction. This is because of the lesser steps in the pre-construction treatment. Further, it is not labor intensive and requires a little anti-termite chemical as compared with an already existing structure.
  • b) Prevent termite infestation: treatment of termite infestation before construction helps in preventing any damage to the building. Termite pretreat is important in ensuring that the termites are eradicated from the roots.
  • c) Good coverage: the coverage of treatment done during the pre-construction period is more compared to during post-construction. Therefore, greater secure barrier.

Standards of Termite Treating before Construction

Pre-treatment standards are determined by the kind of the new construction. However, there are commonly used standards.

  • a) Correct chemical dilution: while preparing the solution, ensure to read on the instructions on the label. This is because they vary from product to product
  • b) Soil Fill: for every 10 square feet, use one gallon of the solution
  • c) Soils in critical areas: such areas include joints or pipe areas. In such areas use 4 gallons in every 10 linear feet

Damages that Termites might Cause if not Treated

If not treated, termites can cause extensive damage to the property. Since they feed on wood, they can compromise a building rendering it not fit for the living unless repairs are made. Termites cause structural damage since the termites will feed anything wooden. For instance, the may feed on the floor, cabinets, ceilings and anything wooden in the homes.

Damages caused by termite are very critical. It is therefore essential to do termite treatment before construction to avoid more expenses related to termite infestation. Through termite pretreatment, it is possible to reduce the chances of termite infestation.

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