Form lumber is used for holding wet concrete. The concrete will dry into a desired shape. In the construction industry, it is sometimes called formwork. When the concrete is strong enough to support itself, the form lumber is removed. More importantly, the concrete must support its applied loads. If not, there may be damage to the structure. Therefore, formwork must be properly installed by using attachment devices, tie anchors, and shores. These items help ensure that the structure is strong and stable. Form lumber is primarily used in column formwork, slab formwork, and beam formwork. When working with form lumber, you must think about safety, quality, and cost.

Safety When Working With Form Lumber

First, you must think about safety when working with form lumber. If the form lumber is not installed properly, it may cost lives. Therefore, the construction site should be a safe place for all employees. Make sure the form lumber system can hold up to concrete vibration and incidental over loading. Frame work must be strong. A weak system will cost you money. For example, if the system fails, you have to replace the damaged goods. Make sure you have the right size and the right quantity of lumber forms. Formwork fail most of the time when wet concrete is being poured. In some cases, the lumber support system failed because the builder removed the formwork too soon. The right system will reduce your construction costs, accidents, and injuries.

Form Lumber Quality

Next, you must think about quality when working with form lumber. Formwork should be level. Your formwork should be clean and free of any imperfections. Check to make sure all framework joints are tight. If the joints are not tight, the forms will leak the wet cement. Try to standardize your lumber forms if possible to keep costs lower. Obtain formwork that is easy to handle, use, and replace. Get lumber that can be used more than one time. You should be able use timber at least five to six times. Avoid using dry lumber because it absorbs moisture and will weaken the concrete. Your local hardware store will have a coating that you can use on dry timber. The coating can also eliminate concrete discoloration. By taking these steps, you speed-up the construction process and save money.

Form Lumber Cost

Then, you must think about construction costs when working with form lumber. Sixty percent of costs in a construction project are for lumber formwork. Therefore, lumber formwork is one of the biggest expenses in a construction project. Builders and contractors should aim to keep costs down without sacrificing safety or quality. Buy the form lumber that is easy to remove and easy to install. Large forms are heavy and difficult to move and require more labor costs. Further, it is important to note when to remove the forms. If you remove forms at the wrong time, your building will collapse. The Ordinary Portland Cement require more time to harden than the Rapid Harding Cement. When you have a weak ratio of concrete mix, it takes longer for the concrete to harden. Do not forget that weather conditions also have an impact on how concrete takes its form. These tips will keep your operating costs down.

Finally, form lumber is having a major impact on the construction industry. The lumber is being used on small projects and large projects. When working with form lumber, you must think about safety, quality, and cost. It is important that home builders and contractors know these are the driving factors behind operating a successful form lumber system.

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