When you think of the destruction termites cause to a structure, you probably only think of their ability to quickly eat through wood. But what if you found out they can also be incredibly destructive to concrete and steel structures? See, termites cannot eat concrete, but they can definitely make their way up from the bottom of a structure, through the foundation, and eat away at the organic materials in it. This is why during construction, the foundation and ground beneath and around it should always receive a termite pretreat.

Here is a short list of the materials that termites love to eat:

  • Wood
  • Plaster
  • Insulation
  • Drywall

As you can see, they will snack on almost everything a building is comprised of! This is why it is vital to pretreat the surrounding ground space and foundation before construction.

So how does a termite pretreat work? Termite pretreatment is a chemical method of preventing termites before they become a problem, rather than waiting to exterminate until after they have already began causing damage to your structure. During construction, the soil where the foundation will be laid receives termite pretreat before any building even begins to take place. Once the foundation is laid down, the entire slab is treated. This initial termite pretreat during construction creates a barrier so that unseen subterranean termites can’t crawl up from under the structure and wreak havoc.

The next important step in the termite pretreat process is called rodding. Rodding is the process in which a gel is injected deep into the ground, fortifying the entire area around the structure against termites. This is optional, however recommended, even for steel and concrete structures. It is better to prevent a problem initially than wait until it is too late, creating more expense.

Perhaps one of the littlest known facts about termites is that they will even eat through metal if given the chance. This is why it is entirely necessary to pretreat all building materials before construction begins, even if you believe the structure is naturally termite-proof. Performing a termite pretreat will ensure the lasting integrity of the building, and is far more effective than treating after construction. Even if they do not damage the metal, surely your building will have walls, and termites can eat through plaster as well. This means that if you are building on termite-infested ground without knowing it, they will more than likely find a way into the plaster before long, and then the integrity of your structure will be greatly compromised.

As you can see, it is essential to the lasting quality and safety of any building that you perform a termite pretreat on it, even those made of steel or concrete. Termites get into buildings in more ways than people typically think of, and can destroy a building surprisingly quickly. Stopping the problem before it starts is truly the only safe course of action, as it will prevent the need for potentially far more expensive future repairs.

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