There are many construction materials to choose from when doing a construction project, but some are much more common than the others. Many construction materials are used in nearly every single construction project. Being familiar with the most commonly used construction materials and what their uses are can help in future projects or ideas.

Common Construction Materials and Building Supplies


Lumber is one of many commonly used construction materials. It is just hard wood that has been turned into a beam or plank. These beams and planks are mostly used to create structures or offer support, but they do have other uses, too. Lumber is used to reinforce or set the groundwork for walls. It also is used on floors and ceilings. Lumber is cut to different lengths, widths, and thicknesses.


Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a bar made of steel. It may also be mesh that is made of steel wires. The rebar adds support to concrete or masonry work. Rebar is even used in highway and bridge construction. There are many different types of rebar and each one has a different specific purpose, although the main goal is still to add support.


Concrete is commonly used in underground construction projects such as basements. It is weather resistant, and can actually get stronger over time. Many times, concrete is used in place of wood.


In construction projects, glass can be used for many different things. Popular uses include sky lights, walls, staircases, and beams. Of course glass is also used for things like windows and doors, too.


Bricks are used to create walls and walkways. Elaborate brick work can be done, making it a one of a kind construction project. Bricks are one of many construction materials that are easy to customize.


Drywall is a preferred alternative to plaster and is used for walls and ceilings. Essentially, drywall is just pre-formed plaster placed between thick paper. It goes over the structural frame created by the lumber.

Copper pipe and wire

Copper pipe is used for tap water lines, including the one that runs to the refrigerator. Copper wire is used for all safe electrical jobs. Using any other type of wire is a fire hazard.


Sealants are used to stop water and other liquid substances from coming through any small openings.

Nails and screws

Nails and screws are both used to hold other construction materials together. Screws pull pieces together, and the grooves make the hold stronger and tighter. Nails, on the other hand, don’t pull the other construction materials together, it simply holds them in place. Screws would be used to connect a structure to a frame, while nails are used to connect other pieces of lumber to the frame.


While paint is normally thought of as a way to make a structure or room more appealing to the eye, it actually has a more important role in construction. Paint is intended to protect structures from the elements. For example, water and sun can both damage a home, but paint protects the home.


All of the construction materials mentioned are frequently used in common construction projects. Knowing which construction materials are appropriate for which project is so important because it can save time, money, and the hassle of fixing mistakes later on.

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