There are many different types of building materials involved in constructing a house or building. Building crews use everything from concrete for the foundation and basements to different types of roofing materials to ensure the house is properly constructed. A good construction contractor will use quality materials throughout the house to make certain the homeowner is satisfied with the completed job.

Basements and Foundations Construction Materials

A proper footing will be reinforced with rebar before pouring the concrete. This strengthens the foundation by forming a bond between the rebar and concrete. Used properly, the concrete will hold more weight and lessen the chance of cracks forming. Rebar is also used in both the basement floors and walls. The foundation and basement walls needs to be sturdy to support the weight of the house.

Construction Materials for The Garage and Driveway

A concrete driveway and garage will also need the added strength of rebar to maintain the weight of vehicles driving on it. Most rebar for housing construction comes in three different sizes, #3, #4, and #5. A number 3 is 3/8 of an inch thick and is commonly used in driveways and swimming pool frames. The #4 rebar is mostly used in basements and foundations. The #5 rebar is usually used for thicker walls. A properly poured concrete floor will have the rebar setting close to the bottom of the concrete. They sit on special devices called rebar chairs, which keeps them lifted the proper distance from the ground.

Construction Materials for The Sill Plate

This is the bottom board that sits right on the poured foundation. It has a termite pretreat made of different chemicals which nave been pressurized through the board. A termite pretreat lumber should always be used on the bottom sill plate to help resist termites, rot, and decaying lumber. Workers handling termite pretreat lumber should wear gloves to keep the chemicals from saturating their hands.

Using termite pretreat lumber in the construction of the sill plate will make sure the house remains level for many years. If boards are used here that have’t been treated, they will attract termites which will weaken the plate that is supporting the exterior walls of the house. After handling termite pretreat lumber, hands should be cleaned thoroughly, even if wearing gloves.

Construction Materials for Framing the House

Form lumber is used consistently throughout the house, including both interior and exterior walls. They must be strong enough to support the exterior sheathing, insulation, drywall, and holding the roof. The trusses and rafters are tied to the exterior walls so the lumber needs to be of high grade without signs of cracks or warping. The construction of interior walls will also need to be strong enough to hold drywall and insulation for soundproofing. Spacing for formed lumber on exterior walls should be on 16 inch centers to give added strength. Interior walls can be constructed on 24 inch centers to save material when framing a house.

Construction Materials for The Roof

The roof needs proper attention since it will take the brunt of the elements, such as rain, ice and snow, and high temperatures that occur in summer months. Traditional houses have used asphalt type shingles to protect the house from the elements. These need replaced every 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality and weather conditions. Chimneys and protruding vent pipes need properly sealed every few years also.

In certain areas, the trend is going to metal roofing that are attached with screws with a rubber type washer. The metal roof will outlast an asphalt shingle roof since the elements will not affect it so bad. The issue here is the washers will deteriorate over time and as the house shifts, the screws can work their way lose. The screws and washers will need replaced on a regular basis to keep water leaks from forming. House construction needs to be done right and it will also need to be properly maintained over the years.

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