In construction projects, there are many materials and tools used to achieve the purpose of the entire project. Some of the materials and tools one can get in such a project include sand, cement, form lumber, ladder, and masonry tools among others. Each of the elements and tool has a specific role and purpose that it does for maybe a building or a wall to stand.

What is Form Lumber?

The term lumber is used to refer to different lengths of wood used as a construction material. A tree trunk is cut after which it is taken to the saw meal for processing. The wooden piece produced with a square or rectangular cross-section is referred to as lumber. Besides, the square or rectangular sections, when joined with other four wooden shapes of the same dimensions results in the formation of form lumber. Form lumbers might either have a rectangular or square cross-section depending on the intended use.

How is Form Lumber Used?

It is used to form various shapes of the concrete. It is known that concrete cannot build a specific shape unless it is restrained in a particular area. In the construction industry, concrete forms irregular shapes as it is fluid when at room temperature. Therefore, to hold concrete in a required shape, form lumber must be used.

To begin with, form lumbers are constructed in the construction area where the user wants to build a concrete shape. If the masonry requires a square shape, he or she will build form lumbers with a square cross-section while for a rectangle shape he will build form lumbers with a rectangular cross-section. Form lumbers must be supported on the ground using attachment devices such as shores and tie anchors among others.

When construction of form lumbers is complete, the concrete mixture is prepared and immediately poured into the form lumber. Enough concrete must be poured to form the shape under construction to reach the maximum height. One of the factors you should have considered is the width, length, and height of the shape under constriction before building form lumbers. The similar length of the lumber would have determined this. In scenarios where the lumber could not equal the required measurements, different lumbers are combined.

Enough concrete is formed while at the same time being reinforced with a vibrator to ensure that no air spaces are left unoccupied within the concrete shape as they could cause a weakness which may lead to the collapse of the concrete shape in the future. Form lumber has to support the concrete until it dries up such that it can be able to sustain itself. When the form lumber is removed, the concrete remains standing, forming the desired shape. At this juncture, the construction of the shape is complete and only minor aspects can be added such as color among others.
Form lumbers are primarily used in the construction of;

  • Beams
  • Slabs
  • Building columns etc.

During construction of form lumbers and the concrete shape, it is critical to adhere to various precautionary aspects to avoid accidents that can cause minor or severe injuries. Some of the preventive measures which could be implemented include;

  • Install the form lumbers correctly by use of ground attachments that are fully reinforced
  • Ascertain that it can hold the force of a vibrating machine
  • Make sure that the form lumber can hold the amount of intended concrete so you can avoid overloading
  • Ensure that you have enough lumber forms, especially of the desires shapes and length so that you can repair or replace a damaged form lumber
  • Wait until the concrete is dry and can support itself before removing the form lumbers.
  • It is essential that to ensure that form lumbers are firmly joined to prevent possible openings that may leak wet cement resulting into low-quality shape.
  • Finally, it is vital to use lumber of high quality so that you can use it several times which plays a significant role in cost reduction.

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